TITAANTheatre Independent Tactical Army and Airforce Network
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The TITAAN management and control solution takes optimal advantage of the combined technological functionality and strengths of Aprisma's SPECTRUM and Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) to deliver cross-domain analysis of network, server, and application information.
SPECTRUM OneClick(TM) empowers TITAAN administrators with anywhere anytime access to actionable fault, configuration, asset, performance, and security information.
SPECTRUM Connector for MOM seamlessly manages TITAAN servers, devices, and applications across IP-based 100 Mbps Ethernet LANs, interconnected by several WANs.
The TITAAN project has not only been successful internally, but has also won international acclaim from the prestigious Network Centric Warfare (NCW) Awards, winning the 2004 Best NCW Program/Initiative from a Coalition Partner.
It might sound a bit melodramatic, but using Intelliden at the heart of the TITAAN system can make the difference between correct, on-time decision support and support after the fact -- which in military operations can have disastrous consequences -- because we don't need to send soldiers out in the field to reconfigure devices.
TITAAN is already generating significant interest and requests from numerous other areas of the military.
In January, the Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA) awarded TITAAN with the Best NCW (Network Centric Warfare) Program/Initiative from a Coalition Partner.
Telindus, a leading European network integrator, managed the global deployment of the audio, video and data conferencing solution within TITAAN, including endpoints, multipoint servers and other network equipment.