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TITUSThesaurus Indogermanischer Text Und Sprachmaterialien (German)
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One of them was Alvin who was carrying a five-gallon water container when he was punched by Titus twice because he did not report to him at the Tambayan.
TITUS is a provider of data classification and categorization solutions, with millions of users in over 70 countries worldwide.
TITUS, being a market leader in data classification with millions of users around the world will be a value add to our existing security portfolio, allowing us to deliver their products to organisations to better manage, protect and store their data with less risk.
Titus Contracting started the project development process in late summer of 2016, with the design process being the first step.
During his lifetime Titus held more than a dozen occupations, including sawmill owner, postal inspector, soldier of fortune, grocer, planing mill salesman, farmer, slave overseer, turtler, bartender, land speculator, and hotel keeper.
At that time--and I remember because we got dragged around with our parents looking at properties--everything was for sale," recalled Phil Titus.
The school says 14-year-old Titus started the fight and education chiefs are now trying to find a place for him at a different school.
While Titus Andronicus dramatically begins with the sacrifice of an enemy's child, our discussion will begin with Titus's execution of his own son, Mutius.
In all of Shakespeare's tragedies you expect plenty of blood loss, anger, sorrow and death and in Titus Andronicus they came in epic proportions.
Stephen Boxer as Titus Andronicus (left) with Rose Reynolds as Lavinia and (inset) Katy Stephens as Tamora in Titus Andronicus at the RSC.
Titus TM, the newest and smallest member of its Andros TM line of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) is set for start of its delivery in December by Remotec Inc.