TIUSTruck Inventory and Use Survey
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Then who can hope to know what my feelings were, to hear this armor- plated ass start in on it again, in the murky twilight of tradition, before the dawn of history, while even Lactantius might be referred to as "the late Lactan- tius," and the Crusades wouldn't be born for five hundred years yet?
In this paper we examine transitions to RIUs and TIUs in BC for evidence of EMI processes, looking specifically at the degree to which ethnicity contributes to stratification.
Foodie Joseph Tiu was raised in a household rich in tradition, where tales and customs were passed on through generations.
Foram avaliados os prontuarios maternos e neonatais referentes as gestacoes acometidas pela DHPN e submetidas a TIU no IFF-FIOCRUZ, entre julho de 1996 e junho de 2006.
There are three responses to this objection: (1) as evidenced by the Revised Agreement, the European Union is considering implementing a PNR transfer system similar to that of the United States; (252) (2) once the system becomes more globalized, countries like the European Union will be able to receive PNR data from countries with a higher concentration of suspected terrorists; and (3) the data collected by the TIUs could be used to track other persons who are suspected of committing serious international crimes.
a los [espanoles] que reconocieron por piadosos, mansos y afables, que los hubo muchos, no solamente les confirmaron los nombres ya dichos, pero les anadieron todos los que daban a sus reyes, que son Intipachurin, hijo del Sol, Huacchacuyac, amador de pobres, y no satisfaciendoles estos nombres para engrandecer y ensalzar mas la bondad y virtud de los espanoles que les trataban bien, les llamaban hijos de Dios, tomando de los espanoles el nombre Dios, viendo la estima en que le tenian, aunque por no tener en su lenguaje la letra d, decian entonces Tius por decir dios.
Sed peni tius ex hominum superbia et egoismo oriuntur, quae etiam ambitum socialem pervertunt.
68) We are not far away here from a classic stereotype of the followers of Epicurus as devotees of sensual pleasure, one from which contemporary readers of Lucre tius sometimes took pains to distance themselves, yet also a characterization which had been embraced affirmatively by a speaker in Lorenzo Valla's De voluptate (1431).
In other cases, including cryptophycins, total chemical synthesis provides most cost-effective production route or can create synthetic analogs that might even improve bioactive potency or improve patent po sition--a job for synthetic organic chemist colleague Marcus Tius.
s WAN Tester is a compact, hand-held package that can test a wide variety of facilities and equipment including modems, multiplexers, CSU/DSUs, T1 ESF CSUs, DUs, NTUs, and TIUs at speeds from 50 bps to 2.
Tius includes basics, such as providing convenient exits and entrances and ample parking.
After her husband Virgilio Hilario passed away, she managed several apartments in Metro Manila, including Gilarmi Apartments, which is now Primea- owned by the Tius with Ruben at its helm.