TJDThomas Jefferson District (Charlotte, NC)
TJDThe Jazz Discography (music reference database)
TJDThe Justice Department (Quake gaming clan)
TJDTruncated Julian Days (computing format)
TJDTrajectory Diagram
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A la pregunta de si Brasil merece ser castigado por la FIFA por estar en un caso semejante al de Mexico en 1988, el presidente del TJD, Marco Paulo Delnero, responde a la reportera que se trata de dos casos diferentes.
Heegaard NHH, Jorgensen TJD, Rozlosnik N, Corlin DB, Pedersen JS, Tempesta AG, et al.
The presence of Lr26 was determined by challenging the cytologically identified translocation heterozygotes with a leaf rust isolate TJD 84-32-122C.
This transformation involves the simplification of Grill 200: in the new situation, there will be more types of switches TJD / TJS / HVH, and fewer referrals.
of Education (T980541) to TJD, and the National Institutes of Health (AI42125 to RCF, AR41511 to IS).
Main features: this contract involves the replacement of a TJD simply by turning to the right connection, replacement TJD by two of the current channel, the replacement of two single hook by the current channel and the replacement of 130 sleepers.