TJTThe Jewish Theatre (San Francisco, CA)
TJTThe Juliana Theory (band)
TJTToronto Journal of Theology (University of Toronto; Canada)
TJTTiger Jakarta Timur (motorcycle club; Indonesia)
TJTTooling Job Ticket
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Publisher TJT Designs will print and distribute the book, which will be available on shelves in bookstores as well as online.
The Group is an informal ancestor of TJT in its commitment to ensemble work and relevant new American plays--including a trailblazing exploration of Jewish-American life in the work of Group playwright Clifford Odets.
Kling said, 'This is a truly exciting time for all of us at TJT The design and construction of our new plant was a collaborative effort between management and staff.
The board of directors of TJT Inc (Pink Sheets: AXLE), supplier of axles, tires and set-up supplies to the manufactured housing industry, on Thursday disclosed that VP and Controller Cindy M Truchot succeeds the retiring Larry B Prescott, senior VP, CFO and director.
While TJT actor and co-founder Corey Fischer won't necessarily "be wearing the idea of Willy Loman as a Jewish character," Davidman notes, "he'll be drawing him out, to borrow a Yiddish expression, from his kishkes.
TPL has now received the award 11, TJT nine times, and TCT seven consecutive years.
Manufactured housing sector's supplier of axles, tires and set-up supplies TJT Inc (Pink Sheets:AXLE.
He's screwed," says TJT artistic director Aaron Davidman, who directs the play.
TJT is an ensemble company, and our methodology depends on a collaborative structure--a process that allows room for ambiguity and complexity in ways that more hierarchical forms cannot.