TJUHThomas Jefferson University Hospital
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The majority of the 80 new hires from 2003 and 2004 are still at TJUH, and all RN staff positions are currently filled.
On one night in January 1999, the major reporting and business functions of the main frame system were retired and TJUH went live with Lastword on approximately 1,000 new devices throughout the entire hospital for results reporting.
The goal of the study at TJUH was to determine if the number of Central Venous Catheter (CVC) placements could be reduced or replaced with a safer alternative- ultrasound-guided peripheral intravenous (USGPIVs) in patients with difficult IV access.
This data is pivotal for emergency medicine and the overall impact it can have on patient safety and cost reductions in the hospital," said Bon Ku, MD, MPP, of the Department of Emergency Medicine at TJUH.
TJUH includes 669-bed Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.
JHS continues to grow its presence in the service area mainly through clinical affiliations with other community providers and leveraging the TJUH relationship.
Major recent projects include the expansion and modernization of the ED and ICU at TJUH and an expansion and renovation at Paoli Hospital.
This will make submitting infection reports to NHSN 'push button simple' for AGH and TJUH, as well as other TheraDoc customers in Pennsylvania and across the country.
Associate Chief Medical Officer, TJUH, explains further, "At Jefferson, we have always diligently monitored hospital-acquired and community-acquired infections in every discipline within our institution.