TJWThomas J. Watson (various organizations)
TJWThe Joker's Wild (TV game show)
TJWTriggered Jumping Window (network traffic algorithm)
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8220;We're delighted to recognize TJW Home Services among our 'Best Of' professionals, as judged by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts who are actively remodeling and decorating their homes.
Rachel Fellows of TJW Exhibitions and Lesley McConn of RAC Regional
Tim Bunting, exhibitions manager for event organisers TJW Exhibitions, said: "After 12 months of meticulous planning and preparation, Business North-East is now set to be a truly landmark event for the business community.
For more information, Freecall organiser TJW Exhibitions on 0500 026120 or visit www.
Show organisers, TJW Exhibitions Ltd, get thousands of enquiries from anxious visitors who want to make the most of every opportunity at Wales's biggest and best recruitment, careers, training and education event.
A spokeswoman for TJW Exhibitions Ltd, organisers of the Graduate and Professional Recruitment Fair, said: 'It is clear that students are taking university seriously and making the most of it to ensure they are able to impress employers when it comes to starting a career.
The pounds 20,000 soft-top lovebug was delivered to 17-year-old Mel's home in Southampton complete with personalised number plate M444 TJW, which stands for Melanie for Theo J Walcott.
The Evening Gazette has again teamed up with exhibition organiser TJW Events for the fourth roadshow in Middlesbrough Town Hall, part of a national series that visits key towns and cities throughout the UK.
Rachel was hoping to move to the south-west, which worked out perfectly for organiser TJW Exhibitions Ltd, which is based in Taunton and was looking for a new organiser for the series at that time.
Tim Bunting, exhibitions manager for organiser's TJW Exhibitions Ltd, said: "Business North-East is designed to be a complete, interactive business platform where visitors can network, source new products and services and gather a wealth of free advice and guidance.
A spokeswoman for TJW, which is running the exhibition, said: 'As it gets harder to find suitable recruits, many are looking for more creative avenues to find the right employees.
Tim Bunting, exhibitions manager at TJW, said: 'Business Scotland is more than just an exhibition event.