TK1Thymidine Kinase 1
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With unmatched performance of 326 gigaflops nearly three times more than any similar embedded platform the Jetson TK1 Developer Kit includes a full C/C++ toolkit based on NVIDIA CUDA architecture, the most pervasive parallel computing platform and programming model.
They explained these findings as being the result of both glomerulopathy caused by the direct effect of TK1s on VEGF in renal glomeruli and the indirect effect of sunitinib on BP, resulting in renal trauma.
thymidine analogs such as AZT are phosphorylated at much lower efficiency by TK2 than by TK1 (4, 5), a feature that is of particular importance for the assay described here.
These buildings addresses the construction of two pumping stations and sewage systems TK1 and TK2 pressure (displacement) sewerage system.
Silver Star Chinese Restaurant, 19 Stirling Street, Galashiels, TK1 1BY, 01896 752000 (Tues-Fri)
The enzymatic activity of TK1 is virtually absent in quiescent cells, but in proliferating cells it reaches a maximum in the late G1 and S phases of the cell cycle.
75,76) In contrast, for FLT, the initial phosphorylation by TK1 is the rate-limiting step for retention in somatic tumors.
The AS3722 PMIC and multiple AS3728 devices power the Tegra K1 processor in Nvidia s Jetson TK1 reference design board.
has expanded its TK1 development program; that it has formed a new wholly-owned subsidiary to focus on nutritional supplements; and that it has reached an agreement regarding certain of its convertible securities.
BioPulse management believes more than ever that its proprietary TK1 blood test and dendritic cell products, among others, is of paramount importance and therefore, the sale of the clinic, will fulfill BioPulse's mission to focus all capital and personnel resources to them.
Here, in simple terms, are the basic ingredients in to what excites us about TK1 and hence, BioPulse.
NYSE: CVD) to assist in the commercialization of its TK1 early detection cancer test.