TKCThe King's College (Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY)
TKCThy Kingdom Come (Catholic publisher)
TKCThat Kid Chris (recording artist)
TKCTonnerre Kalara Club (French; Cameroonian football club)
TKCtightly-knit community
TKCTom Kita Chara (scouting)
TKCThe Kohala Center (Hawaii; environmental organization)
TKCThe Killer Clan (gaming clan)
TKCTiny Key Counter (keyboard counter)
TKCThomas Kvamme Consulting (Norway)
TKCTraditional Karate Club
TKCTrégunc Kite Club (French kite club)
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The corporation signed an agreement with Donlin Gold in 2014 that spells out the conditions around the development of what could be one of the largest gold mines in the world on land owned by TKC.
They're so lightweight and easy to install that TKC ships a dozen beds to each school and works with students to build the Learning Gardens, setting the modular beds in place and moving ten cubic yards of high-quality growing mix into the containers.
While welcoming KESC's efforts in working towards the sustainable development of the city, CEO of TKC said: 'We believe that everyone's assistance ensures in its own way that the welfare sector of Pakistan functions.
TKC Realty Trust of Shirley had been issued a cease-and-desist order
Beginning in April, TKC will offer the suite that includes the contactless palm vein authentication function as a standard feature.
Under the agreement, Qwest and TKC Communications will construct a network that will provide a range of very-high-bandwidth services--with some connections capable of simultaneously sending more than 600,000 emails per second--and will connect NASA sites in multiple phases.
On the basis of legal advice, TKC is now considering imposing a code of conduct on its teaching staff.
Morgan was a founder of TKC and served on the corporation's board of directors for more than 30 years--mostly as chairman.
TKC, which specializes in sorting various flavors of ice cream stick items, cones and novelties into retail multi-packs for distribution during the busy spring and summer seasons, makes space available to other segments of the frozen food industry after the ice cream trade shows down in the autumn and winter months.
We expect to be busy during the remainder of 2010, and are already thinking about expanding again," said Kleuser, who handles marketing and other responsibilities for two coldstores under the TKC banner.