TKWThousand Kernel Weight
TKWTenaga Kerja Wanita (Indonesian: Women’s Labor)
TKWTotal Known Weight (also seen as Total Known Mass; meteorite measurement)
TKWThe Klingon Way (book)
TKWTechniczny Koszt Wytworzenia (Polish: Technical Production Cost)
TKWThe Known World
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1], and TKW showed maximum deviance of total means and this group may recommend as superior group (Fig 6).
TKW Materials is very focused on development and innovation and is constantly engaged in the research of new technologies to keep up with the competitive gap without forgetting the sustainable aspect.
Relative a thousand kernel weights (TKW) were calculated by dividing a TKW from blighted plot to TKW from respective control plots (Miedaner et al.
In TKW, even the very layout of the town reflects position and philosophy.
TKW will add the new manufacturing space, as well as new melt, core and mill room equipment for ductile iron production, to its existing 270,000-sq.
TKW 26 5 7 5 5 1 Karate Aerobics Futbol Tenis Otros 3 1 1 1 2 Tabla 8.
2], and TKW response to planting date varied with year and location (Table 4, Fig.
1] and thousand kernnel weight TKW were measured to ascertain the impact of the treatments on grain yield.
TKW, a subsidiary of steelmaker ThyssenKrupp AG (TK), controls the German shipyards Blohm & Voss and Nordseewerke Emden.