TLCMTelecommunications (course)
TLCMThrough-Life Capability Management
TLCMT Lymphocyte Conditioned Media (immunology)
TLCMTermination Level of Conus Medullaris (radiology)
TLCMTivoli Licensing Compliance Manager (IBM)
TLCMTop Load Configurable Monopole (antenna)
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This Center is focal point within LOGCOM for the logistics support and integration management, focused on program level TLCM in support of ground weapon systems and future opportunities.
3 million task order to enhance tools for decision support for the Marine Corps Systems Command and implement TLCM associated programs.
The work, which falls under the Alion-operated Weapon Systems Technology Information Analysis Center (WSTIAC), includes sustaining and adding enhanced capabilities within the SOE Decision Support Tool (SOE DST); the management and utilization of Total Life Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM) predictive modeling capabilities; and improvement of Marine Corps TLCM through better data quality, availability, analysis and decision support capabilities.