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TLOThe Little One
TLOThe Last One (Consultants)
TLOTechnology Licensing Organization (Japan)
TLOTerminal Learning Objective
TLOTotal Loss Only
TLOTerrorism Liaison Officer
TLOTribal Liaison Office (Afghanistan)
TLOTechnical Liaison Officer
TLOTop-Level Object (object oriented programming)
TLOToulouse Les Orgues (French: The Toulouse Organs; music festival)
TLOTemporary Lay-Off
TLOTechnical Liaison Office (Telcordia)
TLOTask-Level Organization
TLOThoracolumbar Orthosis
TLOThe List Online (subscription based resource)
TLOThree Letter Organization
TLOTrain Load-Out (area where coal product is loaded onto train)
TLOTraveller Liaison Officer (UK)
TLOTenant Liaison Officer (various companies; UK)
TLOTexas Legislature Online
TLOThreat Level Orange
TLOTime-Limited Offer
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From the above graphs it is clear that the proposed algorithm performs better than TLO and ppersistence algorithms which are the popular broadcasting techniques for VANET.
Like the TLO, the new DARPA office would manage the DARPA intellectual property portfolio, but unlike the TLO, it would focus on operational military systems and acquisition programs instead of the commercial marketplace.
Below are the proposed TLOs and ELOs to support this concept:
In addition, the government licenses and employs 120 patent advisers, who are sent to various TLOs to facilitate the matching of university-based findings and technologies with businesses that can put them to use.
His vision will continue to influence the data fusion industry for years to come as Hank's loyal and talented TLO "tribe" complete and launch the many projects he had in progress at the time of his passing.
TLO AWARDS: Every Monday, the "fabulous and opinionated" Tom and Lorenzo (founders of the popular Project Rungay blog) will offer up commentary and awards in eight categories, including "Miss Photogenic," "Miss Congeniality" and "Best Actress.
Author TLO Redness announces the release of her new book "Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit".
Calian has been supporting the RAAF TLO NAVAIR since 1989 and the contract represents the fifth multi-year renewal between the RAAF and Calian.
TLO seeks to track the total return performance of the Lehman Brothers Long U.
Additionally, Teryl will grant a 1% Net Smelter Return (NSR) on its 100% owned West Ridge property with first refusal to purchase the 1% NSR in the event that TLO decides to sell.
The RAAF TLO serves as liaison offices between the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation's Tactical Fighter Systems Program Office (TFSPO), with primary responsibility to upgrade and support the RAAF F/A-18 weapon system and associated logistic systems, and associated US government implementation agencies.