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TLOThe Little One
TLOThe Last One (Consultants)
TLOTechnology Licensing Organization (Japan)
TLOTerminal Learning Objective
TLOTotal Loss Only
TLOTerrorism Liaison Officer
TLOTribal Liaison Office (Afghanistan)
TLOTechnical Liaison Officer
TLOTop-Level Object (object oriented programming)
TLOToulouse Les Orgues (French: The Toulouse Organs; music festival)
TLOTemporary Lay-Off
TLOTechnical Liaison Office (Telcordia)
TLOTask-Level Organization
TLOThoracolumbar Orthosis
TLOThe List Online (subscription based resource)
TLOThree Letter Organization
TLOTrain Load-Out (area where coal product is loaded onto train)
TLOTraveller Liaison Officer (UK)
TLOTenant Liaison Officer (various companies; UK)
TLOTexas Legislature Online
TLOThreat Level Orange
TLOTime-Limited Offer
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In Section 2, the paper offers an account of the arguments and ideas on which TLO theory has relied to develop its framework of analysis.
From the above graphs it is clear that the proposed algorithm performs better than TLO and ppersistence algorithms which are the popular broadcasting techniques for VANET.
Like the TLO, the new DARPA office would manage the DARPA intellectual property portfolio, but unlike the TLO, it would focus on operational military systems and acquisition programs instead of the commercial marketplace.
En realidad, y tal como anunciabamos unos parrafos mas arriba, este es el prolegomeno de la vision, segun la cual ni el TLO ni el TLM existen aislados y solitarios sino que comparten una serie de caracteristicas tipicas de las estructuras ideologicas a las que pertenecen y que condicionan el funcionamiento de los textos quitandoles su transparente inocencia.
To vastly improve relevancy and realism, and train or reinforce more of the core warrior tasks and drills, Fort Knox is piloting a new concept using the existing range (See Figures 1 and 2), changing the TLO from Employ Mutually Supportive Fires to React to Far Ambush (day and night).
TLO blatantly to every school search every school search.
Hank founded three innovative and highly successful companies: Database Technologies, Seisint, and TLO.
According to Reuters, 36-year-old Donald, who also writes under the pseudonym TLO Red'ness, sued Perry Tuesday in federal court in Philadelphia.
En su condicion de tropas de vanguardia -y a veces de intervencion rapida- los traductores deben tener en cuenta si el vocablo concreto de la LO (lengua de origen) que pretenden traducir es ya un neologismo en aquella lengua, ya que se les pueden presentar dos posibilidades diferentes: a) que el TLO (texto de la lengua de origen) no sea neologismo y necesiten traducirlo en TLT (texto de la lengua termino) como tal, o b) que el TLO sea ya un neologismo, en cuyo caso necesitaran seguramente traducirlo en TLT como neologismo.
The unemployment data collected by the TLO refers to the stock of persons actively seeking employment by registering themselves at the TLO.
La coordinacion de dichos procesos depende del nivel de dominio de esta actividad profesional, del ritmo del orador, asi como de la complejidad del TLO.