TLOATherapeutic Leave of Absence
TLOAThe Legends of Arkanoid (video game)
TLOATemporary Leave of Absence
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Finally, TLOA allows for federal prosecution of crimes not prosecuted due to lack of resources or interest by Public Law 280 states.
42) Improvement in law enforcement is needed, and TLOA addresses this improvement in several ways.
One, TLOA enhances tribal law enforcement by giving tribal police mandated statutory access to databases containing federal criminal intelligence information.
Of course, TLOA can accomplish very little if too few officers exist in Indian country to enforce the law and protect and serve the people.
TLOA changed the justification requirement for warrantless arrests to "probable cause.
Finally, mandated training for all BIA and tribal law enforcement and judicial personnel is included in TLOA regarding illegal narcotics investigations and prosecutions and alcohol and substance abuse and prevention for adults and youths.
TLOA does not offer a magic cure for this confusion.