TLOBTransmission Line of Business (British Columbia Hydro)
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59: The seal of Arrabu on TLOB 85 is said to have a second line with the title dumu.
63: The seal of Warad-Egipar on TLOB 87 is not mentioned on p.
67 In TLOB 92 the reference to a "sealing B" is rather cryptic since no sealing A is given and nothing is indicated on the copy.
TLOB I: This is an overview of large tracts of fields and orchards designated as sustenance (suku) and fallow (teriqtum).
TLOB 2: The date of this fragmentary inventory of fields is not preserved, but the first sanga of Samas Ilsu-ibni is mentioned twice as the owner of a neighboring field.
TLOB 3: The translation "shares" of orchards for qatum does not fit here, especially in view of II.
TLOB 5: This text is divided into seven sections (and some broken ones) listing large numbers of small cattle associated with different ugaru.
TLOB 8: This is another scribal note concerning two or three fields.
TLOB 11: Tamlatum sanga of Inana from Kis (misread in the index of personal names as Utla-tum [p.
TLOB 16: This text does not concern a fortress or provisioning, although it is listed under Fortress-Provisioning Texts.
TLOB 19: A quantity of barley, sustenance for the Kullizu garrison for the twelfth month, was delivered from the granary of Sippar-Jahrurum on royal orders.
TLOB 20: In this text a large quantity of barley for the sustenance during the ninth month of the soldiers of the fortress of Kullizu (the line is damaged) and ahiatim, which the author translates as "their (sic) dependents.