TLOCTransient Loss Of Consciousness
TLOCTidewater Lightning Owners Club
TLOCTotal Lines of Code (computer programming)
TLOCTest Lines of Code
TLOCThe Lords of Chaos (gaming)
TLOCTactical Logistics Operation Center
TLOCThousand Lines of Code
TLOCTemporary Loss Of Consciousness
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Recognizing an immediate need for this specialized group of Navy supply personnel in today's combat environment, NECC and SOML worked together to release quotas in the TLOC curriculum for Navy Supply Corps officers filling billets with expeditionary roles.
TLOC coursework is phased across the six primary functions of tactical-level logistics and warfighting functions as well as phases concentrating on logistics modernization, the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP), and Leadership.
But TLOC has now opted to incorporate the ubiquitous titles as a way of grooming audiences for larger-scale opera productions, as well as directly involving its younger viewers by having them shout out lines of text at key points.
Making her TLOC debut, Jessica Strong's clear soprano voice projected well, from her opening solo to her florid offstage vocalizing as she prepared for her fateful night's slumber.
Although the company will continue to offer lesser-known, contemporary chamber works, he says he will program more familiar repertoire in future seasons to ensure that TLOC flourishes while maintaining its core production values.
The brainchild of long-time Artistic Director Spencer Duncanson, TLOC may be one of the best-kept opera secrets of Winnipeg, proudly presenting chamber operas and concerts to local audiences since its inception in 1995.