TMEMTumor Microenvironment of Metastasis (oncology)
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TMEM testing was carried out on specimens from 259 women who later developed a distant metastasis (the cases) and on specimens from women who were alive and had not developed a distant metastasis (the controls).
The final TMEM score for each specimen was calculated by counting the total number of TMEMs observed within ten 400x magnification fields.
The TMEM test performed well at assessing metastatic risk for the study's most populous cancer subgroup: women with estrogen receptor positive/HER2- disease (i.
Significant Findings Overall, there was little agreement between the TMEM test and the IHC4 test regarding prediction of metastatic risk.
They found that TMEM density was more than double in the group of patients who developed systemic metastases compared with the patients with only localized breast cancer (median of 105 vs.
Notably, TMEM density was associated with the development of distant-organ metastasis, independent of lymph node status and tumor grade.
While these are useful measures, TMEM density directly reflects the blood-borne mechanism of metastasis, and therefore may prove to be more specific and directly relevant," said Dr.
Also on the agenda is identifying a threshold TMEM density for metastasis risk, and streamlining the process for measuring TMEM.
The test detects the presence and density of TMEMs in breast tissue biopsy samples.
By measuring TMEM counts, we could identify those people and treat them appropriately.
A high number of TMEMs in a sample means that the tumour is likely to metastasise or already has.