TMHPTexas Medicaid Healthcare Partnership
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The amount of moisture that migrates from TO to PI during time dt is characterized by TMHP change:
The initial data for the model are moisture exchange values TMHP measured relative humidity of transformer oil, the oil temperature near the humidity sensor, the content of aromatic hydrocarbons in the oil and table data for certain types of insulation.
8a (GMA monomer) shows that the use of LP26 and TMHP as initiators alters the gelation process above the physical percolation threshold.
Finally, mechanical properties (Young modulus, elongation, and stress at break) for several reactive plastisols composed of different methacrylates (GMA, HMA, LMA, EGDMA, TEGDMA) and initiators (DCP, LP, TMHP, AIBN) have been characterized.
Table 4 shows that the Young modulus of GMA plastisol decreases, respectively, with LP26, DCP, TMHP, and AIBN.
State agency officials agreed that TMHP had failed to follow state guidelines but disputed the claim that the problems at TMHP were caused by a lack of state oversight.
The state agency officials also told federal auditors that by violating the terms of its contract, TMHP "opened the door to potential fraud by unscrupulous orthodontic providers" that exploited the contractor's lax claims processes.
Kevin Lightfoot, a spokesman for Xerox, said in an email that TMHP "always performed its work in good faith and with transparency.
He did not believe he committed any wrongdoing, because he had submitted the necessary documentation to the state and received prior approval from TMHP to provide orthodontic services to those patients.
State and federal auditors are currently conducting a joint audit of TMHP.
Scott also said a financial litigator on the task force is investigating whether TMHP met its contractual obligation with the state to properly approve Medicaid claims.