TMMBTruck Mixer Manufacturers Bureau (Silver Spring, MD)
TMMBThe Mighty Mighty Bosstones (band)
TMMBTronoh Mines Malaysia Berhad (Malaysian mining company)
TMMBTucker Max Message Board
TMMBTroweling Machine Manufacturers Bureau (Association of Equipment Manufacturers; Milwaukee, WI)
TMMBTwo Member Medical Board (UK)
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NRMCA and TMMB anticipate structural changes and upgrades in order to accommodate a heavier, larger rear underride guard to cost hundreds more per [Single Unit Truck] SUT," Walgenbach comments.
To this end, NRMCA and TMMB recommend that NHTSA include with this proposal an increased weight tolerance or variance in an amount that will offset the increased weight of the CMVSS-compliant rear underride guard and the structural changes to mixer trucks .
Walgenbach concludes NRMCA and TMMB observations on the "Rear Impact Protection" section with suggestions that NHTSA resubmit a proposed rulemaking for public comment with a completed cost and benefit analysis; an emphasis on determining the best and newest methods for preventing rear underride crashes and their potential accompanying injury and fatality reductions; clarification of whether a forthcoming mandate would apply to new trucks and in-service vehicles; and, consideration of a five-year phase that would allow SUT manufacturers to address challenges of bringing existing designs into CMVSS-level compliance.
Commenting on that aspect, Walgenbach tells regulators: "NRMCA and TMMB oppose a requirement for adding retroreflective tape.