TMNRTransverse-Mode Noise Reduction (power supply term)
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TMNR effectively supports a natural bamboo forest, being located within a natural reservation area that does not allow disturbance; there has been no cutting, no harvest and no artificial inputs such as fertilizers or pesticides during the last 60 years.
This study revealed that average maximum Pn of the bamboo (Phyllostachy pubescens) canopy at TMNR was 16.
Middle and upper layers of canopy (b) Lower, Middle and Upper levels of Canopy are of 1st -7th, 8th -14th, and above 15th to top branches respectively Table 2 Energy Conversion Efficiency and Carbon Sequestered by Bamboo Forests in West Zhejiang, Subtropical China Site Location Total DM Carbon (a) Fixed (a) TMNR 30[degrees]18'N, 29.