TMPhTheoretical and Mathematical Physics
TMPhThailand Ministry of Public Health
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Haul truck tires come with a TMPH rating, and exceeding that rating will cause damage to the tire," said Francis.
TMPH reviewed medical records and interviewed patients in the provincial hospital; seven additional cases were identified.
TMPH interviewed 11 case-patients and the family members of the two who died.
Comparing the value of TKPH or TMPH (ton kilometer per hour / ton mile per hour) tire ratings--a ratio of speed, distance and time used by manufacturers to provide a theoretical rating for the capacity of a given tire--with the value of real-time tire status data, Brothen said the key to preventing a significant portion of tire damage is to know the exact current status of contained inflation pressure and temperature inside a tire.
The 770G and 772G now come standard with VIMS 3G, Caterpillar's Vital Information Management System, Truck Production Management System (TPMS), TMPH (Ton Mile Per Hour)/TKPH (Ton Kilometer per Hour) tire management system, and Product Link (standard or cellular).
Radials have TMPH (load X speed) ratings from 507-850 and load capacities between 132,500 and 148,000 lb (at 100 [lb/in.