TNPPTris(Nonylphenyl) Phosphite
TNPPTelocator Network Paging Protocol (PCIA)
TNPPTotal Net Primary Productivity (ecology measurement)
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In addition, three different chain extenders were used in this work: PCDI, a carboxyl-reactive chain extender, TNPP, and Joncryl[T] ADR 4368F.
The glass transition and melting temperatures of the six blends without TNPP stabilizer were measured on a Perkin Elmer DSC 7 differential scanning calorimeter.
Under phase II, 3rd and 4th units of TNPP are being constructed with VVER-1000 reactors, each with 1060MW capacity.
TNPP is one of the very few phosphite antioxidants with both FDA food-contact approval and a good cost-performance ratio.
It could replace existing products such as Weston TNPP.
Weston TNPP (tris nonylphenyl phosphite) improves processing and properties in many polymers and has broad regulatory approval for food packaging.
Analysis of TNPP in LLDPE Formulations: Did the Phosphite Hydrolyze During Processing?
Weston TNPP and 399 phosphites have received ISO 9002 registration, and have a new color specification of 100 max.