TNSStotal nasal symptom score
TNSSTotal Nasal Symptom Severity (immunology)
TNSSTelecommunications and Network Support Services (Illinois State University; Normal, IL)
TNSSTuesday Night Single Speed (cycling group)
TNSSTerra Nova Schoolyard Society (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
TNSSTaste of Nova Scotia Society (Nova Scotia, Canada)
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A meta-analysis of 21 randomized placebo-controlled trials (total 2821 patients, average age mid-30s) that compared changes in TNSS with intranasal steroids and oral antihistamines among adults with seasonal allergic rhinitis found that steroids reduced TNSS more than antihistamines.
This finding is in agreement with our findings where levocetrizine showed greater reduction in TNSS in significantly more patients than that shown by desloratadine at visit 3 (four weeks after therapy).
Compared with placebo patients, those on ciclesonide had statistically significant improvements in all four TNSS components: nasal stuffiness and congestion, nasal itching, sneezing, and runny nose.
An improvement in the average patient-assessed TNSS was observed by the second day of treatment.