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TOATime Of Arrival
TOATop of the Atmosphere
TOATrials of Atlantis (game)
TOATerms Of Agreement
TOATable of Authorities (legal documents)
TOATransfer Of Authority
TOATransfer of Assets
TOATubo-Ovarian Abscess
TOATheater of Operations
TOATotal Obligation(al) Authority
TOATornado Watch (Emergency Alert System Code)
TOATable of Allowance
TOATradeoff Analysis
TOAType of Address (telecom/computing)
TOATime-Off Award
TOATexas Orthopaedic Association
TOATaxi Owners Association (UK)
TOATask Order Agreement (contracting)
TOATrace Organic Analysis
TOAThreshold of Audibility
TOATeacher on Assignment
TOATemple of Ages (gaming, Guild Wars)
TOATransporte Oruga Acorazado (Spanish: Armored Personnel Carrier)
TOATransportation Operating Agency
TOATable of Allocation
TOAThe Outlaw Army (gaming clan)
TOATransocean Airlines (1946-1960)
TOAThermooptical Analysis
TOATeens of America
TOATorrance, California Municipal Airport (Zamperini Field; airport code)
TOATheatre Owners of America
TOATrim on Assembly (aircraft/automotive assembly)
TOATable of Organization and Allowance
TOATangent of Angle X = Opposite Side Length / Adjacent Side Length (Right Angled Triangle)
TOATarifordnung für Angestellte des Öffentlichen Dienstes (public service salary scheme, since 1961 BAT)
TOATerra Ocean Atmosphere
TOATask Order Analysis
TOAToyota of America (automobile retailer)
TOATäter-Opfer-Ausgleich (German: Offender-Victim Mediation; Austria)
TOATape on Air (broadcasting)
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This battle between the two companies has now extended into the field service arena, where TOA Technologies' software is one of the leading tools used.
TOA also has analytics for businesses to monitor and view existing inventories and forecast service windows.
No two field service operations work the same way or have the same priorities - for Essintial Enterprise Solutions, they are focused on minimizing downtime for customers and meeting service level agreements," said Yuval Brisker, co-founder and CEO of TOA Technologies.
As Telefonica accelerates its transformation as a digital telco, the company has embarked on an initiative to create a standard for all of its field operations around the world, choosing TOA Technologies to unify its thousands of mobile service employees on one solution.
Zapper provides users with their own unique QR code, which they can present to their customers on an invoice, webpage or, in the case of TOA Taxis, a sign in each individual taxi's passenger cabin.
There are no possibilities to perform the continuous measurements of TOA data using measuring tools in latitudes of Lithuania.
com/> from TOA will allow us to define and respect very challenging customer promises during the installation and repair processes.
A spokesman for the board and management of TOA Taxis Birmingham said: "We receive numerous requests for sponsorship and support every week.
Paul Lockyer, Chairman of TOA, has said: 'TOA have now got one of the best control systems in the world which is made in Birmingham.
Sixty to 80% of TOA patients will have a fever greater than 100[degrees] F and leukocytosis, however, "a surprising number" will also be afebrile and have a normal white blood cell count, she warned.
The dress code is voluntary, because the TOA are an association, not a company, and almost all their 900 cars are independently owned.
TOA software facilitates coordination and management of activities between dispatchers, mobile employees and customers.