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The Air Force Research Laboratory, which has been shepherding the TOBS program, is planning a technology demonstration in August with a different drone that has extended endurance.
We're going to run through a basic mission which is send the UAV off to look at something," Jason Bowman, the TOBS program manager at AFRL, said in an interview.
Area-I, a Kennesaw, Georgia-based company that builds UAVs, has been a major contributor to the TOBS effort.
Reapers are not currently equipped with common launch tubes, but that doesn't mean they won't be able to utilize TOBS, he noted.
Bowman has been approached by Army and Navy program officials who are interested in TOBS.
We're going to make [that] available to any UAV vendor, and as long as they can match that interface it plugs right into the TOBS system," Bowman said.