TOFCTrailer On Flatcar
TOFCThompson Okanagan Football Club (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
TOFCToronto Finance Convention (Toronto, ON, Canada)
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Beier, "The Viability of Consolidated TOFC Terminals," Transportation Quarterly, 36, 1982, pp.
This resulted in different response populations for each type as shown in the tables and figures: TOFC trailer n = 51; RoadRailer n = 41; and container n = 59.
When respondents replied to the question of gross weight capacity, TOFC again received the best perception rating, as shown in Figure 2 and Table 2.
TOFC trailers were perceived as excellent in two replies and very good in 34 replies to the questions of ease in loading or unloading.
TOFC trailers received a weak combined rating of only 49 percent in excellent and very good categories (one reply and 24 replies, respectively) by the 51 users.