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TOKIToplu Konut Idaresi (Turkish: Housing Development Administration of Turkey)
TOKITim Olimpiade Komputer Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Computing Olympiad Team)
TOKITraditional Okinawan Karate Institute (various locations)
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Is he about to steamroller his political rivals like he did his sporting foes Toki and Gaudino?
In this context, the Chief Minister during his visit to Turkey in December 2015 had also met with TOKI President.
He appreciated the progress made by TOKI over the past several years in provision of housing to deserving households.
In a speech later, Johnson said he felt "terrible" about flattening Toki but added: "That is what rugby is like.
The junior team - comprising Hamood al Harthy, Rashad al Harthy and Amjad al Toki - also bagged the top honours in the nett category with an overall score of 507.
Calisma, uc bolumden olusmaktadir; ilk olarak enerji etkinligi ve toplu konutlarda uygulanabilecek enerji etkinlik yontemleri; konut fiziksel cevresi verilerine, teknik ve teknolojik gelismelere ve konut tasarimi ve yapimina dayali olcutler basliklari altinda detaylandirilmakta, ikinci bolumde bu basliklar altinda gelistirilen olcutlere gore secilen TOKI toplu konut projeleri enerji etkinligi acisindan degerlendirilmekte ve son olarak enerji etkinliginin en uygun duzeye getirilebilmesini saglayacak yontemlerin gelistirilmesi konusunda oneriler gelistirilmektedir.
In exchange, a fund will be established where by either TOKI (Housing Development of Turkey) or independent contractors are to develop housing projects in Venezuela".
The company has introduced two more new products -- Ethos sinks and Toki tiles.
The Turkish government has used a form of public-private partnership (PPP) to deliver mass housing projects through TOKI (Housing Development Administration of Turkey).
The New York resident uses her own cat Toki to model the collection in a series of professional online photos, although she admits not all cats are fans of dressing up.
This six-part documentary follows the lives of those serving with Lima Company of the Royal Marines (42 Commando), who are stationed at Checkpoint Toki in Nade Ali.
Royal Marines: Mission Afghanistan Channel 5, Monday, 9pm This six-part documentary follows Lima Company of the Royal Marines (42 Commando), stationed at Checkpoint Toki in Nad-e Ali.