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I guessed part from things I've seen--and Miss Reade told me a good deal--and the Awkward Man himself told me his side of it as we came home last night.
There, it is all out, Mina, we have told all our secrets to each other since we were children.
They were no longer all of war, of revenge; they told of love also.
I am quite sure (because she has told me so), that she does not like this friend.
She did not read from the book (for little Alice had not much skill in reading), but told the story out of her own heart and mind.
He had told Susan that he had never tasted anything like her strawberry shortcake and Susan's susceptible heart was his forever.
He told me frankly enough that his father was a clergyman who would have taught him well, but that he, Will Atkins, despised all instruction and correction; and by his brutish conduct cut the thread of all his father's comforts and shortened his days, for that he broke his heart by the most ungrateful, unnatural return for the most affectionate treatment a father ever gave.
You know what you said when I told ye she was handsome once.
Dudley fell for her right away, and she must have fallen for him, for they had only known each other for a few weeks when they came and told me they were engaged.
She thought that one of her slaves must have been telling tales of her, but they told her it was the parrot, and she resolved to revenge herself on him.
When we told her that the letter had been forwarded, under cover to your friend Mr.
Whoever your parents may be they must have told you about all this, and of my heavy loss in the ruin {41} of a stately mansion fully and magnificently furnished.