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TOMCATTotal Onboard Material Configuration Audit Tool (US Navy)
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After that incident, the tomcat started visiting our house and became friendly with us.
TomCat Films LLC is a vertically integrated film sales, licensing and distribution company helmed by Ted Chalmers.
The CE-IVD marked Tomcat instrument, a fully automated general purpose platform, was developed to relieve the strain of pre-analytical sample processing by getting rid of the inefficient and error-prone activities required to manually aliquot samples.
biz are all running on a 64-bit Apache Tomcat 7 server, they perform on a 64-bit JVM version 7 with a database on 64-bit MySql 5.
Debbie and Hannah's dad, Pete, contacted Action For Kids to see if they could help fund the PS2,200 needed for the Tomcat trike.
Apache Tomcat 7 is the project's first major release since 2006, fully implementing the Java Servlet 3.
The Tomcat helped maintain freedom and democracy around the world," said Aviation Support Equipment Technician 2nd Class Christopher Kaelin, a support equipment maintainer with Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD).
It's a big, intimidating airplane," said Fedler, who still has fond memories of working on the Tomcat.
I really believe the Tomcat will be remembered in much the same way as other legendary aircraft, like the Corsair, Mustang and Spitfire.
The legendary F-14, nicknamed the Tomcat, served in both Gulf wars, Afghanistan and the Balkans.
The underpowered failure eventually was halted by Tom Connolly and the Tomcat was born.
Employees of PZL-Swidnik even refer to it with a hint of ownership--the F-14 Tomcat.