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TOMCATSTactical Operations Multi-Agency Cargo Anti-Theft Squad
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Before departing for Iraq the Tomcats installed ALE-47 expendable buckets, providing the pilots with the latest countermeasures capabilities.
The Navy recently retired one of its most famous working symbols--the F-14 Tomcat which has been synonymous with naval aviation for more than 30 years.
ABOARD USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (NNS) -- As F-14 Tomcat aircraft 207 of the "Blacklions" of Fighter Squadron (VF) 213 launched the morning of Dec.
The Tomcats violated procedures by descending through the overhead stack inside of 10 miles.
Feline leukaemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus are far more common in un-neutered tomcats for this reason.
Far left, naval personnel on the USS Enterprise service F14 Tomcats in the Indian Ocean.
The first Tomcat pilot selected full afterburner and worked to align his fuselage with the other airplane's.
Right, the ill-fated plane, at far right, flies in formation with another Phantom, left, and two F-14 Tomcats moments before the crash, which killed both crewmen.
An F-14A tomcat leaves behind a trail of steam and light as Sailors observe the launch aboard USS enterprise (CVN 65) in support of Operation enduring Freedom on Oct.
I was a fledgling LSO who had just relinquished the pickle when a Tomcat showed up, in the chute.
Ten years ago, the Navy's supersonic, swing-wing F-14 Tomcat was the broad-shouldered star of the hit movie "Top Gun" - fresh from dustups with MiGs and shootdowns of Libyan fighters.
After bidding farewell to their beloved F-14B Tomcats in January, the Strike Fighter Squadron 103 Jolly Rogers have now completed their transition to the F/A-18F Super Hornet, receiving their safe-for-flight accreditation in July.