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TOMESToxicology Occupational Medicines and Environmental Sciences
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Half an hour later I was seated in the newspaper office with a huge tome in front of me, which had been opened at the article "Weissmann versus Darwin," with the sub heading, "Spirited Protest at Vienna.
The man's face seemed tome to be refined and even pleasant.
It is a heavy tome of over seven hundred pages, painfully careful and accurate, and startlingly original.
Gilbert laid down the ponderous medical tome over which he had been poring until the increasing dusk of the March evening made him desist.
Prosecutor Paul Newcombe told Teesside Crown Court yesterday that Tomes grabbed her by the throat and pushed her onto a settee.
She's used to cooking on a budget and for a big family," Tomes said.
Mr Tomes plans to promote wannabee celeb Sam, from Four Oaks, as a Joey Essex look alike in the short-term.
We're trying to give her a bit of fun and told her, 'If you can conquer depression we can make you a living and you won't be on benefits any more'," added Tomes.
Tomes added: "It was summer rugby conditions and Bedford were a team who really thrived on that.
Tomes said, adding that they follow the definition of family set forth in the Bible: a man, a woman and their children.
Newport: A Awcock; N Williams, T Riley, S Williams, M Poole; S Connor, A Quick; I Evans, A Brown, G Robinson, S Tomes, A Frampton, D McShane, A Coombs (capt), P Williams.
Mrs Tomes, 47, taught at Sidney Stringer Community College between 2000 and 2006.