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TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (ADEOS/NASDA)
TOMSTransactions On Mathematical Software
TOMSTrade Order Management System
TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping System
TOMSTask Order Management System
TOMSTeam Oriented Medical Simulation
TOMSTactical Oceanographic Monitoring System
TOMSTechnical Order Management System (USAF)
TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping Spectrolab
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There was hardly a moment during the days which followed when Tom did not regret his neglected education.
Habit is a terrible thing; it shackles the strongest, and Tom had fallen into the habit of inquiring after Mr Williams' rheumatism over the garden fence first thing in the morning.
A few months before there had been enough roses in Tom Kitchener's garden to win the hearts of a dozen girls.
He spoke seriously to Tom across the fence on the subject of his passion.
Now, you ain't got the devil in you to do that, Tom.
It is to be supposed that this interview stung Tom to swift action.
When Colonel Milvery, of the Hall, had informed him of his promotion to the post of second gardener, Tom had demanded no
But the prospect of undertaking the higher education of the police did not seem to appeal to Tom.
I'm not afraid,' said Tom, condensing his remarks to their minimum as his only chance of being intelligible.
Just as she could not have said what it was that had happened to her, so now she could not have said what had happened to Tom.
Ted Pringle was a big young man, bigger even than Tom Kitchener, and, like Tom, he was of silent habit.
He sprang forward, and Tom, pushing Sally aside, turned to meet him.