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TONATitles of Nobility Amendment (1810 proposed amendment to the United States Constitution)
TONAThousand Oaks Neighborhood Association (Berkeley, CA)
TONATourism Of New Age
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Yu says her husband's passion for unique flavor combinations is what makes Tona so successful.
Vejamos as pistas sobre a periodizacao da vida que vem a tona com a interpretacao da peca selecionada para este artigo.
Tau Tona resumed underground mining activities on Friday March 15.
O irracional vem a tona, sem considerar o sentido da vida.
6 kilometers down at the Tau Tona gold mine, Borgonie found traces of nematode DNA in water oozing from rock fractures.
O livro traz a tona os estereotipos, os realismos e luta por representacao, etnicidades em relacao e o cinema do terceiro mundo, que esconde o quarto mundo.
tiaki e manaald i a totou katoa i raro tona whare, aroha.
The site, purchased in 2008 by Tona Development for a planned 12-story condo development, began releasing noxious fumes when the gas station was demolished.
Carla De Tona presents a notable reading of Italian immigrants as a model minority: she argues that Italian integration into Irish society through the food industry provides an appealing counterpart to narratives of Ireland's Celtic Tiger success.
Tona Dillehay's book claims to be dealing mainly with the proto-historical or epi-Prehispanic period (Wernke in press) of Araucanian or Mapuche cultural development in the Southern cone of South America but it offers much more.
Tona Boyd graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2003 with majors in government and Spanish and a peace studies minor.