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But of course it was daytime when they were in the Gardens, and then Tony did most of the talking.
Oh, Tony," she would say, with awful respect, "but the fairies will be so angry
But they should not have talked so loudly, for one day they were overheard by a fairy who had been gathering skeleton leaves, from which the little people weave their summer curtains, and after that Tony was a marked boy.
Maimie was one of the kind who like to fix a day for doing things, but Tony was not that kind, and when she asked him which day he was to remain behind in the Gardens after Lock-out he merely replied, "Just some day;" he was quite vague about which day except when she asked "Will it be to-day?
When Tony and his sister arrived they wanted to go straight to the pond, but their ayah said they must take a sharp walk first, and as she said this she glanced at the time-board to see when the Gardens closed that night.
But she was unacquainted with the tricky ways of the fairies, and so did not see (as Maimie and Tony saw at once) that they had changed the hour because there was to be a ball to-night.
When the ayah reached the gate and saw Tony far in front she thought her other charge was with him and passed out.
My papa sick all the time,' Tony panted as we flew.
Tony ran up to him, caught his hand and pressed it against her cheek.
Well, Tony," said the mild voice of Miss Emmerson, "the sun is near setting, let us go the four miles as fast as you please.
Guppy concludes by resigning the adventure to Tony Jobling and informing him that during the vacation and while things are slack, his purse, "as far as three or four or even five pound goes," will be at his disposal.
With a strange ab- sorbed light in his eyes he pounced upon Ed Thomas, he who knew Pop Geers and whose opin- ion of Tony Tip's chances was worth considering.