TOOBTeach Out Of the Box (workshops and curriculum)
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NET TOOB, which went on the market in 1995, enables computer users to view videos prepared in different formats like MPEG-1, QuickTime and Video for Windows.
NET TOOB enables consumers to use the same software video player, to view most video types out there on the Web.
But Dougherty said the installation on a computer of either Microsoft Media Player, which is included in every copy of Windows, or Microsoft Internet Explorer, interferes with the performance of NET TOOB software already installed on the computer.
He said the Microsoft products effectively "replace" NET TOOB as a video player.
MovieMaker real-time hardware MPEG-1 encoders and the NET TOOB Stream
Duplexx Software develops and markets multimedia solutions for the Web and Intranets including NET TOOB(TM) Stream, the world's only software-based universal full motion multimedia player, NET TOOB Stream delivers high-quality real-time MPEG audio and video streams as on-demand media without special server software.
NET TOOB is a registered trademark of Duplexx Software, Inc.
NET TOOB plays MPEG files directly at frame rates of 7.
NET TOOB is a better solution because it removes all of these limitations and provides a single viewer for all video files.
NET TOOB requires a 486-based Windows PC running in 256 colors with 4 MB of RAM.
Duplexx Software develops and markets NET TOOB the world's only software based universal full motion video player.
According to Carv Industries' newly appointed president, Peter Willis, the TOOBS Inc.