TOPOFFTop Officials (US national-level terrorism exercise)
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To meet the shared objectives, TOPOFF 3 focused on four critical areas: incident management; intelligence/investigations; public information; and evaluation.
Drennan has been an ISR contractor/instructor for TRADOC G2 in support of the ISR TOPOFF program.
Repercussions from Arizona's November 2004 dry run are still being felt today as the state heads into its next series of preparedness measures, including TOPOFF (Top Officials), a national-level homeland security exercise that will take place in Phoenix and two other locales in 2007.
Federal ham-handedness was underscored in a 2000 exercise called TOPOFF (for "top officials involved"), featuring simultaneous simulated attacks--a nuclear "event" in Washington, D.
Dix led the private sector liaison effort for the TOPOFF 4 Tier 1 National Full Scale Exercise sponsored by the U.
Transcript of background briefing with senior DHS officials on TOPOFF 3.
He recalled his participation in the department's TOPOFF 2 exercise in Seattle, which involved a dirty bomb.
DHS conducted the third in a series of emergency operations simulation exercises called TOPOFF 3 or T-3 during the week of April 4.
Taking place this past week, the TOPOFF 4 exercise involved top officials at every level of the U.
TOPOFF 4 CPX, Conducted by DHS, Is a Nationwide Exercise Designed to Assess Preparedness Capabilities In Response to An Incident of National Significance
Additional TOPOFF activities will be conducted in the United Kingdom as part of a partnership with the United States to strengthen security in both nations.
Cubic's Hampton, Virginia-based Operations Support Division, part of the Mission Support Business Unit of the Cubic Defense Applications Group, played an important role in coordinating TOPOFF 3 in April 2005.