TOPSSTeachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools
TOPSSTraining Organisation for the Personal Social Services (UK)
TOPSSTrane Official Product Selection System (software)
TOPSSTechnology and Operations Store Summit (trade conference)
TOPSSThe Officer Projection Specialty System
TOPSSTectronic Office Products Sales & Service (Doylestown, OH)
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Historically, TOPSS was a standalone software program that customers, engineers and architects downloaded and installed on their local desktop workstations.
The TOPSS website automatically updates current product data, which eliminates the need for customers to download software and updates, and prevents compatibility issues inherent to desktop apps.
Training Organisation for the Personal Social Services (TOPSS), Guide to the Links Between National Occupational Standards and Service Standards in Foster Care, Leeds: TOPSS, 2001
She is a perfect example of the type of people TOPSS needs.
TOPSS now wants to consider the findings, enable further discussion and plan responses.