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TORTerms Of Reference
TORThe Old Republic (Star Wars video game)
TORToronto, Canada
TORTorsion (mathematics)
TORThe Onion Router
TORTarget of Rapamycin
TORTema Oil Refinery
TORTornado Warning (Emergency Alert System Code)
TORThird Order Regular (Roman Catholic religious order)
ToRTales of Rebirth (video games)
TORTime of Release
TORTime Of Receipt
TORTout Ou Rien (French: all or nothing; automatism)
TORTransfer of Responsibility
TORTranscript of Records
TORTop of Rail (railways)
TORTelex Over Radio
TORTropospheric Ozone Research
TORTask Order Request
TORTerminal Owning Region
TORTransport of Rockland
TORThird Order Regular of St. Francis (religious order)
TORTurn of River (school in Stamford, CT)
TORTime Off Request
TORTechnical Operating Report
TORTransition-Oriented Routing
TORTime of Report
TORTenth of Ramadan (City, Egypt)
TORTime of Reference
TORTime On Risk
TORTurn on Rate
TORTactical Operations Room
TORTechnical Oversight Representative
TORTechnical Officer's Representative (US government)
TORTechnical Override
TORTravel Order Request
TORTPOCC Operations Room
TORTechnical Onsite Representative
TORTactical Operational Requirement
TORTest Observation Report
TORTransmission Output Retarder
TORTeletype Orderwire Replacement
TORTentative/Tactical Operational Requirement
TORTime-out Reversal (electronic transaction processing)
TORTrouble Observation Report (US Navy)
TORTransfer of Residence
TORType of Relationship (Internet routing)
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On the security side of things, the Tor Browser Team enabled content sandboxing on Windows.
A CGI of how Tor Coatings warehouse will look at Follingsby Park
To address this need, Tor partnered with The Guardian Project to further extend the capabilities of Orfox, a secure browser built on Tor's code.
The Tor browser is an excellent option for libraries to help them, although it does not come without its own disadvantages.
We showed that the strain causing cholera in Iraq did not have the typical El Tor characteristics but instead had mixed characteristics of El Tor, classical, and Haitian strains.
Proponents of Tor though argue that anonymity on the Internet is of paramount importance, especially considering the vast amounts of data that one can access through it.
Orbot, an app which connects to Tor and updates Facebook's app settings.
The Tor network is the world's most popular system for protecting Internet users' anonymity.
Several other websites on the TOR network also claimed to be open for drug transactions.
At school this week, Roosevelt Middle School seventh-grader Tor Parsons had a special treat for some of the many people who came up to congratulate him on his recent academic success.
Her posts have been one of the most popular features of Tor.
India, March 7 -- In recent months Kaspersky Lab experts have been closely monitoring so-called Darknet resources, mostly the Tor network.