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TORTerms Of Reference
TORThe Old Republic (Star Wars video game)
TORToronto, Canada
TORTorsion (mathematics)
TORThe Onion Router
TORTarget of Rapamycin
TORTema Oil Refinery
TORTornado Warning (Emergency Alert System Code)
TORThird Order Regular (Roman Catholic religious order)
ToRTales of Rebirth (video games)
TORTime of Release
TORTime Of Receipt
TORTout Ou Rien (French: all or nothing; automatism)
TORTransfer of Responsibility
TORTranscript of Records
TORTop of Rail (railways)
TORTelex Over Radio
TORTropospheric Ozone Research
TORTask Order Request
TORTerminal Owning Region
TORTransport of Rockland
TORThird Order Regular of St. Francis (religious order)
TORTurn of River (school in Stamford, CT)
TORTime Off Request
TORTechnical Operating Report
TORTransition-Oriented Routing
TORTime of Report
TORTenth of Ramadan (City, Egypt)
TORTime of Reference
TORTime On Risk
TORTurn on Rate
TORTactical Operations Room
TORTechnical Oversight Representative
TORTechnical Officer's Representative (US government)
TORTechnical Override
TORTravel Order Request
TORTPOCC Operations Room
TORTechnical Onsite Representative
TORTactical Operational Requirement
TORTest Observation Report
TORTransmission Output Retarder
TORTeletype Orderwire Replacement
TORTentative/Tactical Operational Requirement
TORTime-out Reversal (electronic transaction processing)
TORTrouble Observation Report (US Navy)
TORTransfer of Residence
TORType of Relationship (Internet routing)
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The rtsC gene encoding the activator protein, which is absent from classical biotype strains but present in El Tor strains, was found in all the tested strains of the El Tor biotype.
The same paper also proposes defences, which representatives of the Tor project say they are evaluating for possible inclusion in future versions of the Tor software.
Tor said the crew were well looked after by the community until officials managed to arrange their return to Norway.
Silk Road and copycats on the TOR network are not readily visible through popular Internet search sites.
The publication added using a Web mail service in the Tor browser is the fastest and simplest way to hide one's details while sending an email.
That question - and hundreds more - was the kind of trivia that Tor, 12, mastered to win the statewide National Geographic Bee last Friday at Western Oregon University in Monmouth.
Due to other commitments Jess, 19, and Tor, 24, were "unable to join cheerleaders from other Super League clubs for an audition in Liverpool, in August.
The overarching purpose of the TOR is to help people to live a happier, more successful and fulfilling life," said Dr.
This Note seeks to provide an overview of the Tor anonymity network and its legal status under several different regimes of Internet control explores its treatment in four countries.
Tor Gai Environment Engineering Company (TGEC), which covers both areas, began in 2007 and is staffed mainly by women Mary Nyapak Kuol, who works for TGEC told Sudan Tribune she blames the state government for not supporting them financially in their efforts to maintain a clean town, "in order to clean the areas and to keep them safe from diseases".
co-ordinator for the network, said that Tor does have "an ace up our sleeves"