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TORSTransoral Robotic Surgery
TORSThrown Object Restraint System (Vermeer Manufacturing Company)
TORSTaskforce for Obesity Research at Southwestern (Dallas, TX)
TORSTransformer Oil Regeneration System (Omega Systems)
TORSTrinity Outpatient Rehabilitation Services (Rock Island, IL)
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The natural gas price induced curtailments are primarily from several of ATP's Gulf of Mexico Shelf properties and Helvellyn and Tors wells in the North Sea.
Ms Challoner said: "The Ten Tors is something they do every year, go up and down 10 big groups of rock called tors.
Paul Bulmahn, Chairman and President of ATP, stated, "First production at Tors significantly contributes to ATP's near-term ramp in production.
Tor was originally an acronym for "the onion router," which is an accurate description of how it's structured.
Silk Road and copycats on the TOR network are not readily visible through popular Internet search sites.
Tor (The Onion Router) is free software and an open network that lets users browse the internet completely anonymously, leaving no trail of which websites they have visited, what they have said to others, and what they have looked at.
The Tor is linked to myths of King Arthur and the Holy Grail; someone has even suggested Castle Hill might be Camelot
In the process, the TOR provides answers to the two most important unanswered questions in science as defined in a special issue of the journal Science in 2005: "What is the universe made of?
This Note seeks to provide an overview of the Tor anonymity network and its legal status under several different regimes of Internet control explores its treatment in four countries.
co-ordinator for the network, said that Tor does have "an ace up our sleeves"
The El Tor strains were first isolated on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in 1961 and after that outbreaks, due to this lineage, started occurring in Bangladesh, India and Russia.
This finding indicates that they were the type of altered El Tor.