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TORSOThirty and Over Recreational Soccer Organization (Texas)
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The tug herself without his head and torso on the bridge looked mutilated as it were.
His dark head and bronze torso appeared above the tarnished slab of wood, gleaming and still as if cast in metal.
Reflects mature young lady; raven locks, and complexion that lights up well when well powdered--as it is--carrying on considerably in the captivation of mature young gentleman; with too much nose in his face, too much ginger in his whiskers, too much torso in his waistcoat, too much sparkle in his studs, his eyes, his buttons, his talk, and his teeth.
I have seen men and women beaten by whips and clubs and fists, and I have seen the rhinoceros-hide whips laid around the naked torsos of black boys so heartily that each stroke stripped away the skin in full circle.
The primeval world,--the Fore-World, as the Germans say, --I can dive to it in myself as well as grope for it with researching fingers in catacombs, libraries, and the broken reliefs and torsos of ruined villas.
According to Tech Crunch, Torso is actually the follow up to 2012's Twig, which was designed purely for the old 30-pin iPhone connector.
A statement from CAS said: "The Swedish NOC (national Olympic committee) and the STF consider that the ITU did not comply with its own rules because it may not have taken into account the position of the athletes' torsos when establishing the medal positions.
The torso was found on Tuesday by a group of foreign students.
Cops in Montreal believe they may belong to a white man's torso found in a suitcase there but were awaiting tests.
The 48-year-old's 23-stone tubby torso, complete with Newcastle United tattoo, has been turned into a new T-shirt, which has gone on sale at the club's shop.
A selection of Uber Torso T-shirts is to be showcased in the city's Picturehouse at FACT on Wood Street.
Inside the upper torso is a pouch of water, if the astronaut gets thirsty, he or she can sip water through a long straw.