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TOSTeacher Over Shoulder (chat)
TOSThe Original Series (Star Trek)
TOSThe Other Side
TOSType Of Service
TOSThoracic Outlet Syndrome
TOSTop of the Stack
TOSTransactions on Storage
TOSTime of Sale
TOSTitle of Show (musical)
TOSTramiel Operating System (Atari ST/TT operating system)
TOSTime On Station
TOSTrusted Operating System
TOSTransfer Orbit Stage
TOSTape Operating System (IBM)
TOSTip of the Spear
TOSTechniques, Ouvriers et de Service (French: Technical and Service Workers)
TOSTop of Steel
TOSTaken on Strength
TOSTraffic Operations System
TOSTop Of Slab (concrete)
TOSTransfer of Sovereignty (Baghdad, Iraq)
TOSTrucial Oman Scouts (Unite Arab Emirates)
TOSTime on Stream
TOSTender of Service
TOSTromso, Norway - Tromso/Langes (Airport Code)
TOSTotal Outstanding Shares (Canada)
TOSType Of Shipment
TOSTennessee Orthopaedic Society
TOSTaux d'Onde Stationnaire (French: Standing Wave Ratio)
TOSTime Of Search
TOSTraining Objective Statement
TOSTunnels et Ouvrages Souterrains (French: Tunnels and Underground Structures; journal)
TOSTactical Operations Squadron (USAF)
TOSTactical Oceanographic Summary
TOSTeller Operations Specialist (banks)
TOSTurbine Overspeed (aero engines)
TOSTerminal Oriented System
TOSTone Operated Squelch (two-way radio)
TOSTactical Operator Station
TOSTerminal Oriented Software
TOSTesting Operations System
TOSTop of Shelf
TOSTransparent Optical Switch
TOSTrack on Search
TOSTransition Operational State
TOSTransmission Optimization System
TOSTake-Off-Structure (electric substation structure)
TOSTIROS (Television Infrared Observation Satellite) Operational Satellite (US NOAA)
TOSTerminate on Site
TOSThe Operating System
TOSTalend Open Studio (software)
TOSThe Obesity Society (est. 1982; Silver Spring, MD)
TOSTerminal Operation System
TOSThe Objective Standard
TOSTerminate on Sight (G-Unit album)
TOSThe Old Schoolhouse (magazine)
TOSThe Organic Standard (journal)
TOSThe Opposite Sex
TOSTerminal Operating System
ToSTales of Symphonia (video game)
TOSTemporarily Out of Service
TOSTales of Suspense (comic)
TOSTactical Operations Support (US TSWG)
TOSTerms Of Service
TOSTactical Operations System
TOSTemple of Set
TOSTemporarily Out of Stock
TOSThe Oceanography Society
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TOS is a disorder caused by compression of the brachial plexus and/or subclavian vessels between the clavicle and first rib, an anatomical region known as the thoracic outlet or an acute compartment syndrome occurred within the thoracic outlet.
The TOS results are expressed in terms of micromolar hydrogen peroxide equivalent per liter ([micro]mol [H.
we are reaching ever more minds via the booming traffic to our website, TOS Blog, and our social media pages.
Port director David Huck said the TOS is the most advanced of its kind operating in any port: "The key with this TOS is we have the tools that allow us to emulate cargo flow.
Prerequisites for TOS are previous lower segment transverse incision (although in many, type of previous incision is not documented and patients were not excluded from TOS), clinically adequate pelvis, no other uterine scars, or previous rupture, availability of resident throughout labor for close monitoring, facilities for emergency CS, availability of an anesthetist and no additional indication for CS in current pregnancy.
Nicklin says that members of the TOS -- unlike many expats living in the UAE today -- had close relationships with Emiratis, which allowed them to prevent tribal feuds from escalating.
From the computer database, the records of all patients with TOS were scrutinised, and information regarding their preoperative symptoms, investigations, operative surgery and clinical outcomes documented.
The TOS typically include use and privacy policies, do's and don'ts as well as some practical guidelines to act as a good social media user or advertiser.
Sensory nerve conduction studies are normal in C8-T1 radiculopathies and motor neuron disorders which differ in this way from TOS.
Ao serem comparados os generos no grupo Geral, as meninas apresentaram valores maiores que os meninos apenas na variavel TOS I, indicando uma leve antecipacao do inicio do periodo de maturacao nas meninas.
The intensive training programme is aimed to build key skills of employees to use the TOS system and prepare them in turn to cascade all the system knowledge gained from the training, to other port employees.
Initially known as the Trucial Oman Levies, the TOS was a security force established in 1951 to defend the seven emirates of Trucial Oman.