TOSITrade Office of Swiss Industries (est. 1982; Switzerland and Taiwan)
TOSITheatre Organ Society International (O'Fallon, IL)
TOSITechnical On-Site Inspection
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You can read more of Rojo's account on using the TOSI at www.
Clearly, the TOSI makes a difference for surgical facilities, and its impact was felt in the way surgical professionals voted for the 2010 ESP Awards.
The idea is you run the TOSI just like you would a surgical instrument, so you place it inside an automated instrument washer, run it through a normal instrument cycle and the test should come clean.
Surgical Products: How does the TOSI help diagnose problems?
Basile: The TOSI is comprised of two types of proteins - water soluble proteins and water insoluble proteins.
On the TOSI, the red soil is the water soluble hemoglobin.