TOSPTen Outstanding Students of the Philippines
TOSPTop of Stack Pointer (computing)
TOSPTailored Ocean Surveillance Product
TOSPTemporary Operating Safety Procedure
TOSPTrails and Open Space Partnership (US NPS)
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Duterte failed to carry out his war on illegal drugs that resulted in thousands of drug personalities killed by government law enforcement operatives, which according to human rights advocates were victims of extrajudicial killings (EJK),' according to Mika Ramos, a TOSP finalist from Camarines Sur province.
The NCR winners will move on to the national TOSP, which will choose the Top 10 from among 30 finalists.
Sandejas, a TOSP alumnus and managing partner of Narra Venture Capital, also stressed the importance of playing fair and educating others.
The TOSP program has honored graduating college students since 1961, when it was founded by businessman and industrialist Jose Concepcion Jr.