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Table 1--formulations investigated in HP-Zetpol HNBR 1 2 3 4 Zetpol 2510 100 100 100 100 Ultrasil VN 2 GR 50 50 50 50 Alcanplast TOTM 5 5 5 5 Naugard 445 1.
The rate of absorption of the petroleum-derived plasticizers was dependent on their molecular weights; TOTM was the slowest to absorb (4 min at 50 phr), DOP was the fastest to absorb (2 min at 50 phr; 3 min at 83 phr), and DIDP fared in-between (3 min at 50 phr).
After aging at this condition, almost all of the plasticizer is gone from the compounds with the standard ether ester plasticizer, as well as the compound with TOTM.
Talc Zetpol 2010 100 100 100 100 Hi-Sil 732 40 Hi-Sil 2000 40 Hi-Sil 915 40 Ultra-fine talc 40 PIastHall TOTM 5 5 5 5 Ti02 5 5 5 5 Zinc oxide 5 5 5 5 Stearic acid 0.
Appendix--model formulations Ingredient phr NR masterbatch NR CV-60 100 N330 carbon black 50 Total 150 NBR masterbatch Nipol DN 3335 100 N550 carbon black 50 PlastHall 7050 5 Stearic acid 1 Agerite Resin D 1 Total 157 HNBR masterbatch Zetpol 2010L 100 N550 carbon black 50 TOTM 5 Total 155 EPDM masterbatch Nordel IP4640 EPDM 100 N660 carbon black 100 Sunpar2280 50 Stearic acid 1 Total 251 EVM masterbatch Levaprene 600HV 100 MT 990 carbon black 50 Rhenogran PCD 50 3 Naugard Q 2 Maglite D 2 Stearic acid 1.
The control compound for each comparison was TOTM (tri-2-ethylhexyl trimellitate).
Vanderbilt propylpyridine (DDPP) (Vanax 808HP) Mastermix MB-4988-50% Excel Polymers active (TBAB MB50) TOTM HallStar AgeRite Resin D R.
Higher levels of N-990 carbon black and TOTM plasticizer, as well as using talc, lower the tensile values slightly, as expected, compared to HNBR-49, but the mechanical properties still remain very good (figure 3).
Adipate, trimellitate, and phthalate plasticizers include octyl, nonyl and decyl phthalates, octyl and nonyl adipates, TOTM, several proprietary products (Palatinol 91P), and fast-fusing dialkyl phthalates (Palatinol FF21 and FF31).