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TOWATexas Onsite Wastewater Association (est. 1992)
TOWAThe Open Way Adoptions
TOWATownsend's Warbler (bird species Dendroica townsendi)
TOWATug of War Association (est. 1958; England, UK)
TOWATexas Outdoor Writers Association
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ly But to help, it provides ovides ov an allowan owan ow ce towa to r| these costs that increases ever ev yyea| the company' any' an s y's y' way wa of cove co ringyou for as much asit can.
Towa pointedly observes that: "The greatest actual difference between the Occident and Africa .
The Fox's Song" is a retelling of the Ainu tale "Towa towa to: A Song Sung by the Fox," and "The Swamp Mussel God's Song" is a retelling of "Tonupeka ranran: A Song Sung by the Swamp Mussel God.
She landed a job with the Japan Exchange Teaching programme and was to be based in the small village of Towa in the Kochi Prefecture in southern Japan.
The three manufacturers named in the lawsuit, which was based on the Japanese Unfair Competition Prevention Law, are Towa Pharmaceutical Co.
Opposing teams use hand-crafted sticks, or kabocca, and a woven leather ball, or towa.
and Towa Chemicals as a joint venture partner in a liquid and powder sorbitol factory.
Tokyo-based manufacturers Towa claim their Drop Tea Tablets stay fresher for longer than teabags because the compacted surfaces are protected from the air.
It also implies an attitude of wonder towa rd art, rather than jaded acceptance or abjection (which are just aspects of the sophisticated).
Since 1995's debut single, "Journey," the group has worked with musical uber-hipsters the Pizzicato Five, Fantastic Plastic Machine, and Deee-lite's Towa Tei.
Dainippon Screen Manufacturing, and TOWA Corporation put up capital to establish SARC, which will recycle secondhand equipment used in the electronics and semiconductor related industries.
In an earlier article, I examined the phonology of the Towa sanyo [Chinese Text Omitted] and demonstrated that despite a Wu dialect-like cast, the sound system of the language represented in the text is actually a form of Mandarin.