TPAPNTexas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses
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There are some criteria that may inhibit eligibility of a nurse into a TPAPN track.
Approximately 700 nurses are actively participating in TPAPN and its related programs and pairing participants with a local Advocate can be a challenge (see Table 1).
In collaboration with the Board of Nursing (BON), TPAPN over time has expanded its assistance services to more comprehensively address the possible signs of substance abuse through the Extended Evaluation Program (EEP).
TPAPN has also implemented changes designed to enhance participation and reduce the burden to employers.
However, TPAPN is one avenue for nurses to change that value system.
Though TPAPN has experienced 25 successful years, challenges remain.
On the evening of April 13, 2012 at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, TPAPN will recognize employers who have demonstrated support for TPAPN and nurse participants through a special "Partners in Recovery" ceremony.
To be a part of nurses' life-changing experiences, complete the TPAPN advocate application and submit the required documentation to TPAPN, Box 9877, Austin, TX 787660877.
Her mother, her hero, was one of my early TPAPN participants.
Nurses referred to the BON or TPAPN for a single, identified incident of improper drug or alcohol use, or a positive, unauthorized drug screen result may qualify for EEP if there are no other legal or practice concerns.
TPAPN provides structure to guide nurses into safe practice and recovery.
The BON and TPAPN expedite the disposition of new referrals weekly.