TPARThroughput Accounting Ratio
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GovReports will be soon releasing the TPAR for lodgement via SBR channel, enabling tax agents and businesses in the building and construction industry to easily create, report and lodge direct to the ATO.
Being a cloud lodgement portal, GovReports makes it easy for accountants to complete the TPAR by entering data and mailing the form to their building and construction industry clients as well as seamless lodgement to the ATO, all in one go.
As GovReports is independent management software the TPAR file can be created from any accounting software and can be uploaded and lodged throughGovReports.
Filling out the TPAR form downloaded from the ATO website could be the best option for smaller companies with a limited number of contractors.
The newly introduced file transfer facility as part of the ATO business and tax agent portals would enable the lodgement of TPAR electronically; however, testing the efficiency of these portals during peak tax time season is yet to be explored.