TPCHToxics in Packaging Clearinghouse (est. 1992; Brattleboro, VT)
TPCHThe Prince Charles Hospital (Australia)
TPCHTorque Pitch Controlled Hub (wind energy)
TPCHTodd Phillips Children's Home (Detroit, MI)
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Care path planning The established routine for cardiac pre and post operative management from TPCH was determined.
Paediatric clinical staff from TPCH were offered the opportunity to transfer with the Queensland paediatric cardiac service.
The staff from TPCH were offered a monetary incentive to relocate to the MCH with the transfer of Queensland Paediatric Cardiac Services (QPCS).
PICU and ward occupancy, in addition to patient movement was estimated using the TPCH model that was in place prior to the amalgamation.
Senior nursing and medical members from both the MCH and TPCH units underwent ECLS training in Melbourne at the RCH Melbourne prior to the merge.
MCH budget was $71,300,00 and TPCH was $11,643,754 (Mellis 2006).
While 674 patients were managed with 683 consecutive IABPs at TPCH between January 1, 1994 and December 31, 2004, data were unavailable for 12 patients (14 IABP insertions).
Data from TPCH were compared with data from The Benchmark Counterpulsation Outcomes Registry.
Baseline clinical characteristics for the total TPCH population and IABP indications are shown in Table 1.
IABP utilisation at TPCH increased by 572% from 1994 (22 insertions) to 2004 (126 insertions) (Figure 1).
Total TPCH IABP in-hospital mortality was 22% with an overall ICU mortality of 15.
Does IABP application and outcome signifcantly differ between TPCH and The Benchmark Counterpulsation Outcome Registry?