TPDFTanzania People's Defence Force (est. 1964; Tanzania)
TPDFTriangular Probability Density Function
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The results are divided into two parts: first, the effect of turbulence-chemistry interaction is studied by comparing simulation results from the TPDF and the WM model, also the relevance of turbulence-radiation interaction is evaluated by considering the TPDF results.
2]O) in conjunction with their respective Plank mean absorption coefficient obtained using the TPDF model at 4 ms after start of injection.
Figure 2 shows spatial distributions of various quantities related to radiation obtained using the DOM approach in conjunction with two different combustion models: the well-mixed (upper) and the TPDF model (lower).
A comparatively thin layer has been observed for the WM model in comparison with the TPDF model where the reaction zone is more distributed due to the consideration of turbulent fluctuations within a cell.
P1 and OPT) are compared for the TPDF method and the WM case combined with the DOM radiation model is also illustrated for reference.
Also, for the radiation absorption rate, similar results are observed for the TPDF method.
Considering the radiation emission rate illustrated in Figure 2, it is interesting to note that the peak value of radiation emission between the WM and the TPDF are roughly the same.
Therefore, the sensitivity study with respect to different ambient conditions has been carried out with the WM model only and a similar trend is expected when using the TPDF method.
The main planning event brought planners together from both the TPDF and USARAF to coordinate the many requirements that must be met to ensure the success of ALFS.
According to Hardison, co-hosting this event with TPDF is appropriate and timely.
She said TPDF personnel are eager to be offered the opportunity to co-host the seminar bringing together leading experts in the area of integrating women in the armed forces throughout Africa.