TPDTTriple Pole, Double Throw Switch
TPDTTonic, Predominant, Dominant, Tonic (music theory)
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Tenders are invited for Purchase of Electrical/ Electronics Items Ohm Meter; Series Type (0-2000 Ohm), Ohm Meter; Shunt Type (0-25 Ohm), Ammeter MC 0-5 A , Load Bank 5 KW( Lamp / heater Type) , Knife Switch DPDT fitted with fuse terminals 16 amp , Knife Switch TPDT fitted with fuse terminals 16 amp , Cut out Relay (220 volt DC 15 Amp max capacity ), Thyristor/IGBT controlled A.
The switchgear, 400 Amp TPDT, main circuit breakers and enclosures, motor starters, waste heat exchanger circulation pump motor controllers, powerhouse panel boards and main distribution panels were supplied by Square-D and thermostats and other sensors were from Honeywell.
The TPDOs and TPDTs work as promising anticancer agents by stopping the progressive, uncontrolled cell division [8, 9] and are capable of treating paranoia, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders [10].