TPEATexas Public Employees Association
TPEAThompson Products Employees' Association
TPEATexas Professors of Educational Administration
TPEATransportation Planning Excellence Award
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A heftier document than the old TPEA contract, it contained some new features: a plan for seniority-based layoffs (something the UAW had been promising in its handbills) and provisions allowing AAWA representatives to caucus at council meetings.
Over the next four years, the AAWA's monthly council meetings addressed the same types of problems as had the TPEA.
But though it was tamer and more deferential to management than most national unions, the AAWA occasionally displayed an independence that the TPEA had lacked entirely.
More serious in the NLRB's eyes was the fact that the AAWA had growth out of the TPEA, an organization clearly initiated and controlled by management.
Just as the AAWA showed signs of greater independence than the TPEA, so too did the AWA become more autonomous and active than its predecessors.
A year after the TPEA was formed, it started a company union, but this was an ineffectual organization because Detroit management never gave employee relations, a high priority.